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man-cave-ultimateWinter is here and while the next few months will be cold and dreary, now is the time, to consider remodeling your basement, basements are often the most underused part of a house.

With a little bit of creative ingenuity you can change it into a rec room, den, or a home entertainment center that not only will make use of wasted space but adds value to your home as well. In this article, we will look at some of the things that you can do to make your basement a valuable addition to your family’s lifestyle.

In addition, we will give you some DIY tips should you decide to do a basement remodel on your own.

When you’re finished reading, you’ll have some new ideas on how to use your basement and ways to get the most out of any remodeling work that is to be done.

A Den to be Proud of

One of the first suggestions for remodeling your basement is to create a den out of an unfinished basement. This is done by adding spacers between the existing wall and adding a new wall, a raised floor above the concrete pad that is to be put in place as well as insulation with a vapor barrier to cut down on moisture. Baseboard heaters and ducting that connects to your central air-conditioning unit works to make the den a warm and cozy hideaway and sanctuary from the pressures and stress of the world. This gives you a den that is warm in the winter, cool, and comforting in the summer.

Relaxing lighting, wall shelving, and carpeting make the room more attractive and comfortable. Bookshelves as well as home entertainment components round out the picture. Track lighting or recessed lighting combined with a hanging ceiling that only beautifies your basement but allows access to piping and electrical runways. Variable like dimmers allow you to control the intensity of the light to allow for the watching TV or playing video games.

To round this out comfortable furniture such as cell phones reclining chairs and end tables make the room livable and elegantly furnished.

This creates an environment of peace and tranquility that revitalizes both mind and spirit after a hard day at work or the office.

A Home Entertainment Center (HTC)

home-centerThe basement is also an ideal spot to build the ultimate home entertainment center. The price of widescreen plasma TVs has dropped dramatically in the last couple of years now you can have a home screen almost as any width and height you can imagine which brings theater grade entertainment into the home. A digital stereo component as well as wall-mounted and freestanding speakers gives the illusion of 3-D sound.

Again, hanging ceilings raised floors plush carpeting and the addition of personal reclining movie couches as the ultimate in comfort and viewing pleasure.

If you forgo the carpeting and go with a hardwood floor or laminate, you can create the ultimate Saturday afternoon or Monday night football environment. The Area is enhanced even more with the addition of a home snack center, bar, and built-in refrigerator to hold cold drinks and other beverages. Snack tables set around a wide sofa facing the screen lets you and your friends enjoy an afternoon or evening of the ultimate in sports entertainment.

Low wall shelving units can hold various game machines so the kids can play their favorite video games on the weekends or after school evenings after homework.

You can display your video library and tasteful ceiling high shelving and many ingenious sliding shelves allow a small area to store even the largest DVD collections.

Add an Internet connection and patch in your home computer you now have Internet news, TV, as well as streaming video that is rapidly replacing DVDs and your old video tapes.

In addition, for the online gamers a widescreen plasma TV allows you to immerse yourself in the imaginary worlds that are being played all across America and the world in MMORPG games. Here you can play World of Warcraft, the new Tom Clancy game called “The Division”, or the latest #1 hit online RPG “WildStar Online”.

For those who can’t get enough Candy Crush Saga. It has a new sequel, Candy Crush Soda Saga, both of which can be played via Facebook and where you can keep up on your social media as well as get the latest in stock market news and reports.

As you can see, these are just some of the many uses that are remodeled basement can offer you in terms of Home Entertainment Center. Check out DirecTV as they have a ton of channels and you can watch any game with their NFL Package.

The Ultimate Rec and Exercise Room

When you are thinking to do a basement remodel let’s not forget the practical side such as a home gym, spa, or rec room. Alternatively, if you like combine all three. Hardwood flooring is easily put down on top of a raised platform floor with insulation for ceiling, floor, and walls that keeps outside disturbances to a minimum.

Partitioning walls can give you your own private gym with powerrack, free weights, and exercise machines. A second room could be the recreational center where a pool table, table tennis, foosball, or Air Hockey or any other recreational devices such as pinball, or even chess and board games may be played.

A third room can hold your home spa, as today modular spa equipment and even steam rooms are easily set up in the home. After a hard workout in the gym, relax in a comforting hot water Jacuzzi that has massage jets, followed by an invigorating sauna in the steam room, and followed by a cool down in a fully appointed shower. With all this comfort and convenience of having your own personal home spa, you will want to give up you health club membership.

If you like you can take one of these ideas or mix-and-match them. You might also come up with your own unique use for your unused basement. You’re only limited today by your ingenuity and imagination.

Tips for the DIYers

If you decide to remodel your basement and do the work yourself here is some tips to make the job easier and the final result more satisfying:
Always check the inside walls for mildew, cracks, or sagging. Check your foundation pad for cracks as well. Have any work done to correct any defects first as this can affect any basement remodel work that is to follow.

Put spacers between the outside wall and the framing for the new interior wall. Here a vapor barrier and insulation can make your new basement dry, warm, and outside noise dampened. This also makes sure that the interior wall is straight instead of warped.

Putting in a raised floor with insulation topped by a hardwood floor, laminate tile, or plywood base and carpeting. This makes your new room is insulated from the concrete foundation pad.

Heavy-duty metal concrete fasteners should be used to secure wall-framing units into position on the pad.

Hanging ceilings with insulation are ideal to not only beautify a room but also allow access to plumbing, electrical, phone, cable TV/satellite, or Internet cabling. Recessed lighting can be made an integral part of the ceiling as well.

And as always the biggest must have is to get the right tools. The cordless drill is probably the tool that is used most. Find a reputable reviews site like and take a look at some of the tools that are out there.

Basement Remodel using a Contractor
A basement remodel can also be made much simpler and affordable nowadays with the help of your local building contractor. They have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time, everything installed quickly, efficiently, and provide you with discounts on materials, modular units such as showers, spas, and hardwood/tile/carpet flooring.

They also have pictures of various types of Rec Rooms, Dens, and Home Theater Arrangements.

If nothing else talk to your local contractor and he will give you many more ideas on how to remodel your basement and make it into one of the most valuable, comfortable, and enjoyable parts of your home.

“Happy Building in the coming year.”


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