Do It Yourself – Bed Frame project

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Let’s be honest. One of the essential things in a bedroom is a bed. A gorgeous bed is the focus point of the room, so you want to ensure it is stylish and entirely splendid. But how do you do that and within a minimal budget? The DIY bed frames are the solution. I mean, you can build a beautiful bed frame at a cheaper cost and save your cash. Those big beds can be costly, but if you can put your hands to task, you can make something exceptional at no extra cost. We are going to help you make a pipe frame bed in the tutorial below.

How to make a pipe frame bed

We know you are excited about this, but before you have that beautiful bed, you need the following;

Determine bed frame size

Your mattress size is only determinant here. You don’t want to have a bed bigger than the mattress, right? Then before buying the pipes of you, bed frames think about the mattress measurements. Your pipes should somehow larger than the borders of the bed. The pipes can offer you an extra inch. Don’t worry about the bed legs. They can be of the height you prefer.

Get fittings

The fittings depend on your choice. You can choose aluminum or galvanized steel. This depends on the appearance that you want for your bed.

Gather the pipe bed frame

Assembling of pipe frames for this type of bed is just easy. It is uncomplicated. Here is what we advise you do;

Slide the fitting onto the pipe and stiffen them down at the desired location on the pipe (you will use a tape measure). If you go wrong, don’t disturb yourself. You can always use a screw to loosen. Kee Klamp pipe fittings can be a good choice since they are easy to adjust.

Then label the fittings to ensure you know where each Kee Klamp pipe fittings is placed.

Put up a wooden bed

This is the central part of this project. It is just simple. You can decide to use 1” X 4” lumber to support your mattress or whichever you prefer but reasonably good. The next thing you will focus on doing is to reinforce the lumber to make the bed firmer. Reinforcing may also be necessary especially when you are making a bed frame for King Sized mattress.

You can make the wood bed frame using different types of wood that is; if your budget allows you to. Your wood bed frame can as well be painted with the colors of your choice to give it that stunning look.

Your bed is complete. What are you waiting for? Enjoy yourself!


Sleeping on that bed made by you feels satisfying and gives your room a look you want. Rather than going to purchase those expensive beds with oversized legs or others placed improperly, do it yourself now. Follow these guidelines to make your bed frame of any kind and give your bedroom that elegant look.