How To Diy Kitchen Countertops

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Does your kitchen look so sad and outdated? Do you feel like you stepped back to the 19th Century? You do not have to live with an ugly kitchen.

Your kitchen looks outdated, but you cannot figure out why it appears so. Take a look at your countertop. It may be the missing piece to the puzzle. The kitchen countertop is the centerpiece and the focal point in the home.

As much as ugly countertop syndrome is common, it is curable. Stop salivating over the white granite while moaning about your financial status. Some solutions are inexpensive and easy to install.

Give your countertops a beauty makeover with some simple DIY ideas. Use wood, paint, concrete paper, and other materials to laminate your countertop.

Here are few DIY ideas you can try even on a shoestring budget. While some projects may require the input of a professional, others require no special skills. Additionally, some projects may take a single afternoon or last the entire week.

Modern laminate

The project takes 2-3 days and can last for 10-20 years with proper care. Manufacturers are designing countertops that mimic the high-end granite styles. You cannot tell the difference till you touch. For instance, Formica laminate gives a Calacatta marble look at a lower price. Alternatively; try the Wilsonart textured and glossy sheets that create an all-white kitchen without breaking the bank.


The concrete counter tops are back. Additionally, there are numerous tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest on installing the concrete countertops. However, the installation process is messy and dusty. On the bright side, the installation process is easy as ABC.

Contact paper

It takes an afternoon to fix the contact paper. However, it is not ideal for a long-term solution. Covering your countertop in contact paper is a low-cost alternative to full remodeling. During installation, you will need a steady hand to avoid creating bubbles. The downside, though, hot pots and sharp knives may wreck the paper.


Painting is an easy and permanent upgrade. Use neutral and light colors (gray and white) and a little glitter to get a new look. Practice caution during application because the paint is permanent. Finish the entire thing with a glossy finish. It ensures food safety.

Wood overlay

The butcher block countertops have become popular in the recent past. Professional installation costs, it is a costly option for most homeowners. However, there are premade butcher block countertops that homeowners can easily install.

The countertops are high maintenance, but they hold up well, save for a few dents from dropped dishes. Avoid placing hot dishes on the countertop too.


It is the same granite, only that the tiles have a cracking and dirty grout. Forget the enormous slabs for a moment. The granite tiles are cheaper and lighter.

How about the installation? It is the same as any other tiling project only that you need to wet saw the tiles during fitting. Spread thin-set mortar on the surface, separate the tiles using spacers, and grout in between.

However, keeping the grout clean is an uphill task. Clean messes and spills immediately and regular maintenance is required.