How To Make Your Own Power Rack – Diy

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A power rack, also known as a squat rack, is one of the many things to build by yourself. It helps you to stay safe, though not everyone knows how to build one. Getting one from the market can be costlier than when you make it yourself. It is pretty obvious that doing it yourself is the cheapest way to own and make eye-catching things. You are apparently wondering how you can make your power rack and within your budget. We will help you save your time and financial costs of going to buy one out there.

Step 1: Requirements 

First, you need to have the things listed below to make that power rack of your dream;

  1. One wood pencil
  2. Flat screws,
  3. One box 3 ½” wood screw
  4. 2 flanges
  5. One 43” pipe
  6. 7-8’ 2×4’s
  7. 4-8 2×6’s
  8. 28- 5”-6” bolt washers
  9. 90 flat brackets

Make sure you do not miss a thing when you get them from the store.

Step 2: Build frames

The design of your rack is just simple, and therefore you can scale it to the breathing space available. You make it simple with the least cutting. Now do the following:

  1. Cut the squat safety bar and the upper support of the beam by laying out the two 2×6’s followed by cutting of the two 2×4’s. Think of your ceiling as you do this, is it low or high? So it is important for you to maintain 2×6’s at 8 feet. Cut the squat safety bar and the top support beam at 43” and secure the two with two bolts.
  2. Next, cut the base of the support beam, you can lengthen it beyond each side of your rack if you wish. If this sounds good, cut them at 56”. Now secure them with two bolts on each end at 45 degrees angle from each other.

iii. After that, determine where you want to place your flanges. It will be nice if they are close to the top and with enough breathing space. This is for the chest to be above the bar and still have a few inches on top. Now add the flanges and secure them to one side don’t forget to screw them, both sides.

Step 3: Assemble your structure

Put your arrangement together on the ground and start with the pipes. Add the back support beam. We advise you to cut it into the measure of any measure of the two bottom beams. Your structure now needs a few more brace beams.

Step 4: Add more support

You can add the following at your prudence.

  1. Two top support beams
  2. Two 45 degree braces

It is for you to decide if you want to keep it to the wall or not.

It sounds good, right? This is an excellent design and simple, but always remember to secure the bolts once every month. This is also part of maintenance. It doesn’t take a lot of time building this squat a lot. We are sure you are going to like it too.